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Dedication of the Cranbury Monument

By Bob Bisaccio

Memorial Day, Cranbury, NJ, Brainard Cemetery, May, 2016; after two years of planning and fund raising, the NJ Civil War History Association dedicated a new monument at the foot of the 1866 Civil War Monument on the high ground of the historic Brainard Cemetery.  A bronze plaque was laid out in four columns and engraved with the names of the fallen as they appear on the marble monument.  The 36 in. by 44 in. plaque was mounted on a large granite stone that was firmly anchored to a concrete foundation.  The engravings on the existing monument were showing the effects of nature and pollution and were becoming harder to read with the passing years.  

Although rain was predicted, the “Civil War Gods” ensured us that this day would come off without a drop of rain.  Over 100 residents and friends attended our second dedication in five years.  The event can now be added to the growing list of our Association’s finest moments as we continue to solidify our reputation as an organization dedicated to preserving the memory of those who served in the 14th Regiment of New Jersey Volunteers and Cranbury’s Civil War History.  The event was covered by the Cranbury Press.