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1)    “Copperheads”- A vocal group of Democrats in the North who opposed the Civil War wanting an immediate peace settlement with the Confederates.
2)     “Anything to Preserve the Union” – Describing the Yankees determination to win the war.
3)     “Bully Soup”- same as Panada Hot Gruel, corn meal, army crackers, mashed in boiling water with ginger and wine.  
4)    “Secede from the Union”- States that left the union to become the confederate states.
5)    “The Mozart Regiment”- 40th New York Infantry, was sponsored in part by the Mozart Hall Committee, and was not composed of musicians.
6)    “Silk Stocking Regiment”- The 7th New York Militia was its name because many of its members were part of New York’s swanky social elite.
7)    “Gump”- A fool or dolt.
8)    “Mosby’s Raiders”- 43rd Virginia cavalry noted for lightning strikes against Union forces which also eluded pursuit.
9)    Buttermilk Brigade- Captain Bradford’s 3rd Mississippi co. G confederate unit.

Ryan Majkowski