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Monroe, NY 2016

By Steve Curcio

This past year, Irene and I wanted to try different portrayals. I portrayed Horatio Seymour, the Democratic Governor of N.Y. and Irene, his wife. 

As the spectators arrived, Irene and I greeted them with well wishes and mentioned the schedule for the day. I was also fortunate to meet and walk through the village with President Lincoln. He was so gracious that, whenever pictures were taken, he included me.  The highlight of each day was before the battle.  I gave a speech to prepare the troops for battle. It was well received by the President and General Grant. Did I mention General Grant portrayed by Rich Hill? His portrayal of the General was so well received that Rich won the award for best reenactor given at the conclusion of the event. 
Irene and Sue, of the 23rd North Carolina, were the hostesses for a period fashion show each day. Spectators were lined outside waiting to get in as Mary Lincoln, Hotel Proprietor, portrayed by Rich Flannigan, Governor Seymour, his daughter, portrayed by Stevie Curcio, and his niece, portrayed by Dana Mount, to present and explain the fashions of the period.

I also, want to thank and mention two other portrayals. Tom Pryor portrayed the Governors guard and Ryan Majkowski portrayed a reporter from Harpers Weekly
Everyone had a lot of fun during this weekend.