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Rememberance Day 2016

This year, our schedule was changed due to an event in the Cemetery during the morning. Everyone met at the Farnsworth House and then marched to the starting point of the parade. 

The 14th fell in with the 3rd New Jersey.  It was a brisk, but nice day, for a parade. As we marched it wasn’t hard to notice the overwhelming support and cheers from the spectators. It was one of the biggest crowds that I can remember.

As the parade ended, the 14th excused them selves and proceeded to meet at the entrance of the cemetery. All of a sudden, the wind picked up and intensified to the point that it was hard to walk straight. As we marched into the Cemetery, my thoughts were to minimize the time of the ceremony. I said a few brief words and read a short poem. With help from a local group, flags were then placed on each marker of those Jersey men who gave their last full measure of devotion to their nation. A moment of silence was given and we exited the cemetery.

That night, about 25 members enjoyed good conversation and a buffet dinner at the Altland House.  Debbie Thime received a package from one of the schools where we did a living history. We read aloud some of the letters which were funny and thankful.
Everyone retired afterwards from a very successful day.   

Ryan Majkowski